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The importance of co-working spaces or why is important to hear good morning

"When I'm coming to work, one of my greatest pleasures is to hear "Good morning".

We'll keep these words in our minds every time we remember one of the many chats that we had, during the months that we stood at Armazém 298, in Matosinhos.

When we launched Sir Tile Socks, we faced a familiar problem to many entrepreneurs. Which kind of space will we choose to settle?

In September 2018, a friend took us to a warehouse from the '50s, wonderfully transformed in a co-working space by Oporto based architect César Machado Moreira.

In the beginning, we're reluctant to share a workspace with more companies but, as we take the challenge and kept the place, curiosity about our business model led our colleagues to ask questions about it, forcing us to explain it over and over.

That gave us confidence and enabled us to understand who we really are and what do we want to achieve.

Having a cup of coffee, singing happy birthday to a colleague, or sharing something we just had discovered on Instagram were moments that we could not have had if we were established by our own.

Now that we are leaving, we realize that working alongside other people enriches us as humans beings and pushes our business to a level that allows us to follow our own path.

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