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Care Guide

Socks Care Guide by Sir Tile®:

To ensure you get maximum comfort from your socks for a long period of time, here are some procedures to help you keep them in top conditions.


All of our socks have care instructions on their labels, please follow them carefully.

Use a colour-safe detergents to ensure that your socks colours remains constant for as long as possible.

Use your favourite fabric conditioners to restore threads, give softness, elasticity and comfort to your socks.

The premium yarns that we use are non-bleaching resistant.

Wash your socks inside out to keep them in good condition and wash them at as low temperature as possible.


We recommend that you fold, wrap and put your pair of socks in the drawer.

Try to group them by colours, because mixing dark colours socks with light colours ones, can lead to a shift of fibres between them, resulting in unsightly surface effects on both pairs.