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How our socks are made

How our socks are made

From scratch to feet, behind the production process

Our Policy

The patterns chosen for the Sir Tile® collection are based on the richness of Portuguese Tiles as the best expression of our country's cultural identity. Our policy is to release new designs throughout the year expanding on our offer, breaking away from the conventional concepts of a F/W and S/S collections. Even thought all of our designs are gender neutral they can be interpreted as more feminine or masculine depending on your personal taste!


We pay care and attention at every step of the process, ensuring that from pattern design to website content everything corresponds to our values. This is demonstrated when you put on our socks.

One size fits all? It’s not quite like that, therefore we decided that two adult sizes would be better for all types of feet. 

Our socks also have different levels os elasticity​​, which depend exclusively on the complexity of the knitted patterns. Because we care about you, sometimes we may suggest that some socks are a better fit on a slimmer leg. Don't be mad at us :)


Our creative team designs Sir Tile® socks in our studio near the sunny beach of Matosinhos. They search and design the tiles patterns, as well as all the branding materials used for labelling and packaging - all combin to create a great shopping experience.

Yarns and Knitting


Choosing the right yarn is pivotal when manufacturing socks! In order to guarantee that our brand offers the best quality, including no pilling, we use a thin 100% Egyptian cotton yarn from a highly reliable Italian supplier - FILMAR.


In a globally connected world, transparency and sustainability play an essential role in the manufacturing industry.

Portugal´s northerns region has an international reputation for its textile industry know-how, making it the ideal place to search for the best supplier to produce our socks.

After our initial market research, we have chosen FIORIMA a company with a long experience in socks manufacturing. They help us creating high-premium socks using their 200 needle circular knitting machines, ensuring the best details for our Tiles Patterns.

Boarding and Pairing

After knitting, our socks undergo a boarding process where a constant pressure and temperature ensure an accurate shape and size, facilitating pairing and softening the socks for improved touch and comfort.


Branding gives uniqueness to a product.

For this step, we use a high definition fabric badge from our supplier PASSAMAR.

Their technology ensures a high definition image in a small scale.

Packaging and Labelling

With their proven expertise in the market, we partnered-up with SGF Mais Serviços Gráficos and MARUI CARTONAGENS, in order to provide us with the best packaging solutions for our two selling channels: retail and online store. These are two different but complementary ways for our socks to reach our customers.


Packing plays an essential role in completing the process. 

Ours is made in-house, allowing us to better get to know our customers needs, as well as ensure final quality check before shipping.