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Sir Tile® socks - Our commitment to perpetuate Portuguese Azulejos

We believe that we can express Portugal’s identity differently.

For us, the Azulejo, which has been for centuries a landmark of our cities, is the best element to do it.

As designers we’ve joined the knowledge acquired in the socks industry, working together with people of great value and experience, with the extraordinary aesthetic of the Azulejos patterns.

Proud of the Portuguese textile manufacture industry and thrilled to share what is unique in Portugal, we have recreated them in a useful piece of clothing.

Enjoy them! Wear them! Have fun!

Porto, 1 October, 2018

Paula & João _ co-founders

Tiles Inspiration

"What sweetens the blackness of this thick, coarse stonework are the fragile, shiny squares the size of an open hand, covering all fronts top to bottom with their fresh vegetable rigour. Flowers and foliage of ingenuous design, repeated in luminous and geometric exhaustion in an infinity of drawings, created by ignored artists, workers of factories sprouting around this city that has gradually accustomed to cover its houses with expensive tiles as they can endure the moods of the weather. (...)"

in Saavedra, Teresa, Memória das Doze Casas, editora Civilização, 1995.

Mapping our inspiration

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